Archie Makuwa (aatsol)

Hi, I'm Archie.

A founder and developer at Inkosi Media.

I do a bit of Front-end: HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery,
A bit of Back-end: Php (Wordpress & Drupal),
& Apps: Facebook & mobile apps.

I am passionate about Development, Hackathons and the Internet.

South Africa

After moving up and down between Jo'burg and Cape Town, I have finally decided to make Cape Town my home. The plan is still the same: "To grow and master the art of programming..."

Work Portfolio

Inkosi Media (November 2013 - current)

Together with other smart individuals, we have recently established Inkosi Media. If you want to give us money or have me or my crew bless your project, you can send us a work on your project you can contact us here.

UltraHint Consulting (Pty) Ltd (November 2012 - present)

I have my hands tied up at Ultrahint Consulting. We offer IT consulting to small and medium sized business all over South Africa. We also resell sell avast anti-virus software licenses.

R.I.P Archie's Advanced Technology Solutions (December 2008 - 2011)

A one man all-in-one Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions operated for 3 years until 2011.

Voluntary Work Portfolio

Random Hacks of Kindness (November 2012 - present)

I successfully organized the first Cape Town Random Hacks of Kindness Hackathon in partnership with Sanitation Hackaton on the 1st- 2nd December 2012. For more information on the event go to the official RHoK website or the RHoK Cape Town website. Photos of the event are available on Flikr. Although I am back in Johannesburg, I am still very actively involved in the Random Hacks of Kindness initiative.

Ntirhisano Youth Development Trust (November 2010 - present)

Xaveri Movement SA (November 2010 - present)

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