Archie Makuwa (aatsol)

Hi, I'm Archie.

I am easy going, passionate about entrepreneurship, technology and developing systems that help others on a day-to-day basis. When I have a bit of time I give back to the community through hackathons, blogging or forums on the Internet.

South Africa

After running around like a headless chicken between Jo'burg and Cape Town, I have finally settled down in Cape Town... At least for a few more years.

Professional Work

Note: I have decided to let my LinkedIn profile speak for itself. I have also posted a list of project on the profile for your reference, but you are more than welcome to contact me directly should you have any questions related to my professional work experience.

Let's Collaborate!

I love collaborating on projects and I love coffee! If you like my work and would like to meet over a cup of coffee to see how I can work with you and/or vice versa, please get in touch :-)