Archie Makuwa (aatsol)

Hi, I'm Archie.

I am easy going, passionate about entrepreneurship, technology and developing systems that help others on a day-to-day basis. When I have a bit of time I give back to the community through hackathons, blogging or forums on the Internet.

South Africa

After running around like a headless chicken between Jo'burg and Cape Town, I have finally settled down in Cape Town... At least for a few more years.

Archie is...

  • ... in between three jobs (see LinkedIn)
  • ... a father to a beautiful 4 year old
  • ... a loving boyfriend to a beautiful girl
  • ... a Mac user
  • ... an entrepreneur (with 5 start-ups to-date)
  • ... 28 years, 6 month/s, 20 day/s
  • ... a South African

Archie is NOT...

  • ... a Graphic Designer
  • ... a FREE service provider
  • ... a native app developer YET!!
  • ... a RACIST

Skills Matrix

  • WordPress, Drupal & Joomla!

  • Html5 / Css3 / SASS / Responsive Design

  • jQuery / JavaScript / Grunt

  • Other (SSH, FTP, Deployment, Hosting, management, etc)


NB: This list will be populated soon...

Professional Work

Note: I have decided to let my LinkedIn profile speak for itself. I have also posted a list of project above for your reference. I am not online to justify my existence as a developer. You have a look at my work and decide if I am worth having a cup of coffee with... :-)